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A tale of Twin Cities: Hüsker Dü and the Replacements

The Replacements and Husker DuCheck out this crowdsourced reminiscence from Magnet Magazine of the 1980s Minneapolis scene: 

"For a few years in the mid-’80s, not long after Athens and sometime before Seattle, the epicenter of American underground rock was Minneapolis. Before Prince came along, the northern city was mostly known for being really cold. (“Funkytown,” a number-one hit for Lipps, Inc. in 1980, is an expression of boredom with Minneapolis and the urge to get the hell out of there.) But genius can put any town on the map, which Prince accomplished for his home city with 1984 album and film Purple Rain, whose prominent concert footage was shot at a local club called First Avenue.

1980 Talking Heads concert surfaces


David Byrne, 1980"Here’s some excellent — and essential — Friday viewing: a complete, 80-minute Talking Heads concert from 1980 that was shot on multiple cameras.

"As our friends at Dangerous Minds point out, this show is from the Remain in Light tour, which featured an “Afro-funk orchestra” and guitar god Adrian Belew. The show was held at the Capitol Theatre in Passiac, New Jersey, one of the few mid-sized concert halls equipped with a multi-camera video system at the time."


Museum of Endangered Sounds

Detail: Museum of Endangered SoundsOn the Sceneroller team, we use the term "tasting the carne asada" to denote the emotional pull that certain sense memories hold. (The carne asada reference dates back to my days running the Che Underground blog for San Diego's early-'80s music underground; we discovered that a surefire way to get lots of comments was by asking readers to reminisce about their favorite foods back in the day.)

That's why we love the Museum of Endangered Sounds, founded in January 2012 by Brendan Chilcutt "as a way to preserve the sounds made famous by my favorite old technologies and electronics equipment. For instance, the textured rattle and hum of a VHS tape being sucked into the womb of a 1983 JVC HR-7100 VCR."

"Imagine generations of children unacquainted with the chattering of angels lodged deep within the recesses of an old cathode ray tube TV," Chilcutt writes.

Van Halen's concert rider in pictures

Detail: Van Halen concert rider graphicAnd now for something completely different in the spirit of displaying music history graphically: has cooked up a diagram that illustrates the stipulations of

Album cover locations: A Google's-eye view

"Animals" factoryGoogle Maps' Street View offers all kinds of fun for imaginative types who want immersive experiences. Those Google vans have been busy photographing our streets, and the result is a powerful virtual world for those of us who want to pace off our own history or others'.

Raising the Cap in Port Chester

The Sceneroller team loves venues with a past. Physical spaces -- whether small clubs, big arenas, practice or recording studios, music stores, or other gathering spots -- are a gold mine for the music history we want to capture here.

A World of Nirvana

A World of Nirvana detail

Thanks to a friend of Sceneroller for turning me on to A World of Nirvana, a "Google Maps and YouTube mashup" that traces the band's performance chronology from its very first party at a home in Raymond, Wash., in March 1987, to its final gig in Munich almost exactly seven years later.

The Bottom Line timeline

Bottom Line logo

A constant inspiration to Sceneroller: the variety of sites dedicated to documenting comprehensively a topic of musical interest, from bands to shows to individual musicians to venues. In the latter camp is this site dedicated to the history of the Bottom Line.

Boise rocks! Behind the Boise Historic Music Tour

Detail of Bouquet, Boise

Not everyone would consider Boise, Idaho, a nexus of musical activity ... But for Jacey Brain, Tabatha Butler and Sarah Phillips, the town's music venues tell a story worth sharing in the form of the Boise Historic Music Tour.

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