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Connecting with The Prefects

Robert Lloyd, The PrefectsThe name rings only a dim bell to me, but Birmingham's short-lived Prefects are just the sort of band that makes Sceneroller's connections fun. In its brief existence (Feb. 1977-March 1979), the band shared stages with many better-remembered outfits from the early UK punk scene.

From The Prefects' bio on the Punk 77 web site:

"Paul & Alan Apperley arguably started the band in February 1977 before being joined by Robert Lloyd who inspired by seeing the Pistols moved from Cannock to Birmingham & then followed the Pistols around on their Anarchy tour. Arguably as The Prefects had existed, though never gigged, as early as '76 (first as Church Of England then Gestapo!).

Hawkwind's Dave Brock pays tribute to Lemmy


Hawkwind’s Dave BrockHAWKWIND leader Dave Brock has paid tribute to his late bandmate Lemmy, describing him as "a character, a gentleman and friend."

Museum of Endangered Sounds

Detail: Museum of Endangered SoundsOn the Sceneroller team, we use the term "tasting the carne asada" to denote the emotional pull that certain sense memories hold.

Album cover locations: A Google's-eye view

"Animals" factoryGoogle Maps' Street View offers all kinds of fun for imaginative types who want immersive experiences. Those Google vans have been busy photographing our streets, and the result is a powerful virtual world for those of us who want to pace off our own history or others'.

Raising the Cap in Port Chester

The Sceneroller team loves venues with a past. Physical spaces -- whether small clubs, big arenas, practice or recording studios, music stores, or other gathering spots -- are a gold mine for the music history we want to capture here.

Geolocation 'After the Gold Rush'

Cover: After the Gold Rush

Sceneroller is dedicated to tracing rock history by triangulating the whens and wheres of events big and small, personal and public. Viz. this piece on PopSpotsNYC re-creating the cover shoot of Neil Young's epic "After the Gold Rush."

The Bottom Line timeline

Bottom Line logo

A constant inspiration to Sceneroller: the variety of sites dedicated to documenting comprehensively a topic of musical interest, from bands to shows to individual musicians to venues. In the latter camp is this site dedicated to the history of the Bottom Line.

Happy BobDays!

Happy birthday, DylanAt Sceneroller, we're dedicated to the proposition that acting locally in music scenes can have global implications, especially in the era of social media.

The Ballad of Gates and Allen

Paul Allen on guitarThis week's reports that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's forthcoming autobiography has created a "rift" with his former partner Bill Gates has special resonance for someone who spent many years in tech jou

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