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A categorical and typological construct that identifies musical sounds as belonging to a particular category and type of music that can be distinguished from other types of music.

Sci-fi and fantasy flowchart: NPR's Top 100 demystified

Detail: NPR Top 100 SF&F flowchartHere's a project that's got nothing to do with music but has some fun with another sphere of creative activity adored by many music fans (viz. Hawkwind): the vibrant literary world of science fiction and fantasy.

Debunking genre at SXSW

Detail: SXSW 2011 logoAs readers of this blog may have noticed, I have many ideas about how music and other creative endeavors are created and socialized. I've crystalized my thoughts on the subject over years of conversation with one of my closest friends, Sceneroller co-founder Jason Brownell, with whom I've been playing music and sparring intellectually since 1974.

Taqwacores: Fiction makes a scene with Islamic punk

"The Taqwacores" stillHere's a dramatic object lesson in the narrative power of genre: The Guardian reports on a new strain of Islamic punk based on an independent 2010 film titled's musical world view

ArtistServer map detail showing Urvashi ChandaniAround the world in 80-plus genres: I've been having a lot of fun poking around's Yahoo! Maps-powered global display of bands.

Billy Bragg's Big Busk comes to New York

Billy BraggNo longer listed on my resume: Shortly after college, I spent half a year busking with two other musicians on the streets of Hamburg, Germany.

The Web versus local scenes: How the Guardian gets it wrong

Crowd surfing (detail)Has the Internet doomed the incubation of new local music scenes? That's the thesis of a problematic Guardian article posted in June.

Exploring the 'Landscape of Music'

Landscape of Music detailHere's yet another whimsical geographic view of music, this time with an impressive technological pedigree. Dr.

Is 'post-dubstep' a genre? And does it matter?

Face from Pitchfork articleMany thanks to dubstep DJ and first-order music maven Paul "P Man" Howland for pointing out this Pitchfork article by Martin Clark (a k a "Blackdown").

Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names

Grand Taxonomy of Rap detailHere's another visually fabulous effort to organize musical entities: The Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names from the clever people at Pop Chart Lab.

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